Buongiorno Italia



Quotes I contacted Buongiorno Italia about a year and a half ago and took lessons form Francesca for about a year. I explained to her that I was looking to just learn some simple conversation in Italian since I was planning on traveling to Italy the following year. She picked up on my laid back personality, and understood that I was doing this only for fun, not school. With that information, she made all the lessons a lot of fun and created homework plans that were geared towards me and did not feel at all like, you know, homework lol. Although I have not been to Italian lessons since I have gotten back form my trip, I will definitely go back to her in about a year when I start to plan my next trip to Italy. Francesca is a warm and sweet Gem of a person and a great adaptive tutor. Quotes
Dino R.
Italian Language Student

Quotes I found Francesca on Yelp since I needed help for my Italian class at UCLA. She helped me greatly. Very patient and through and private classes are tailored to your needs. Now I have continued to learn Italian from her. Highly recommend :) Quotes
Tatyana Tang
Italian Language Student

Quotes During my preparation for a two week trip to Italy, Francesca provided me with tutoring which was invaluable. One-on-one interaction with a native speaker of a language is essential to learning. She was able to identify errors I was making in Italian speech and teach me the proper expressions. Although we had only a few sessions together, I found her instruction invaluable. She is friendly, courteous, and highly competent. Quotes
Corwin A. Bell
CDR, US Navy (ret.)

Quotes I am Dr Giuseppe Bruno, I am a medical doctor specialized in thoracic and plastic surgery. During my stay in Los Angeles between 2008 and 2010, Francesca took care of translating my curriculum vitae and other professional documents from Italian to English; she was also my personal assistant and helped me to prepare and submit the documentation to access all'USMLE first step examination for the qualification of MD surgeon. In this relationship I was able to appreciate Francesca's professionalism and seriousness and the precision and punctuality with which she has delivered her assignments. Quotes
Giuseppe Bruno, MD
Thoracic, General Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon

Quotes I have always had a great love of Italy and the Italian language and after many trips there, I wanted to be able to enjoy it to the fullest, so I decided to learn Italian. Francesca has a wonderful open learning environment, one always feels comfortable to learn at your own pace. The system of teaching is easy to grasp, basic sentences to translate, important but simple stuff to study so you never feel overwhelmed. A very encouraging teacher, and what I learned I remember today. Highly recommended. Quotes
Catherine Kagan
location manager

Quotes I am an undergraduate at USC. I decided to hire Francesca as my tutor because I was literally failing my Italian class. My Italian professor contacted my school advisor because she was afraid that I would not successfully complete the course. Some people are naturally gifted when it comes to learning new languages, but this is not the case for me. After meeting with Francesca, my Italian professor told me that she noticed huge improvements. Francesca understands the rules for the Italian language and she does not provide any conflicting information that goes against what I am learning in my class. By the end of the course, my professor congratulated me on my success and I am moving into my second semester in Italian with much more confidence. I was so pleased with Francesca that I recommended my boyfriend and she is now his tutor as well. We both plan on taking a vacation to Italy next year and we will have a much more thorough knowledge of the language. Quotes
Donald Kaiser
USC student